Submit your work

Have you written a book and are looking for representation? Submit your work using the information on this page.

Before submitting your manuscript to us do check out the individual agents who work here and where their interests lie – look up the authors they represent, read their biographies and individual comments, and submit your partial accordingly. We are all passionate about finding new authors and we all have our own individual tastes so do take some time before deciding who to submit to. We do not always need query letters as to whether the material is right for us – just submit the manuscript and synopsis and we can take it from there.

When agents come to view your material, they may get back to you with a response within the same day or several weeks later. If within the same day it does not mean it has not been read, rather that an agent has taken a view on the material based on the subject matter and their own list. They may well, for example, have something very similar on their list or have too many authors writing within that area – it is not necessarily a response on your writing.

Unfortunately we cannot get into correspondence over why your material is not right for us. We cannot give editorial tips/advice/guidelines etc. Were we to do that we would not have a moment’s time to look after our own authors. Nor can we point you to other agents who might be more suitable. There are lots of resources online which can help you with this.

We receive a huge number of submissions, and while our aim is to answer querying authors, if you haven’t heard back from us within 12 weeks, please consider this a pass.

Submission Guidelines

LBA only accepts electronic submissions, which can be sent directly to the agent you wish to submit to. Please include a covering letter, brief synopsis, and the first three chapters of your work as a Word document or PDF attachment.

Luigi Bonomi is not currently accepting submissions.

For Amanda Preston please send your submissions via email to

For Louise Lamont please send your submission via email to

Please do not send submissions to LBA’s info email address, as they will not be considered by our agents.

We do not deal with poetry, film scripts and short stories.


The most commonly asked questions before submitting manuscripts. If your work does not conform to our submissions guidelines unfortunately we cannot review it.

How should I submit the material?

We prefer Word documents, with 12pt text and double-spacing.

How long does an agent take to decide whether or not to take me on?

As an agency we receive a huge number of submissions: on average around 30 submissions every day, so roughly 200 a week, 800 a month, 10,000 a year We do not employ outside readers to assess these but do it ourselves when we can spare the time from looking after our existing clients. It may well therefore be that we get to your manuscript on the day you sent it, if for example it catches our eye (for whatever reason – either negatively or positively). In such cases you would hear from an agent within a very short time. On other occasions, if we are snowed under with work, or simply want more time to think about it or share it with colleagues, it may well take a lot longer. We endeavour to get back to authors within three months but it may sometimes be longer. We read out of passion for our subject, so please bear with us. We are often castigated for getting back to authors too quickly (how could we have read their work properly in such a short time?!) or too late (how could we insult them by leaving it so late?!). There can be good reasons in both cases.

Can I send my manuscript in the post?

No, we do not accept any hard-copy manuscripts. These will be recycled and not considered.

I have written my first book. Do you accept novels by new writers?

Yes, and we excel at getting debut writers' work published.

Do you deal with poetry, film scripts and short stories?

No, just novels and non-fiction.

If I send you my novel, can you provide any editorial advice?

We are unfortunately unable to enter into advisory conversations with authors unless we are interested in representing them.