LBA author Jo Cox invited to appear on Desert Island Discs

Jo Cox who has remarkably published her 50th novel has another fantastic achievement to celebrate.  She has been invited to appear on Desert Island Discs for the second time! To be asked once is an honour, to be asked twice is incredible.  Since the programme’s deviser Roy Plomley interviewed comedian Vic Oliver in January 1942, nearly 3,000 distinguished people from all walks of life have been stranded on the mythical island, accompanied by only eight records, one book and a luxury.  Jo will be joining an illustrious list of just over 100 people that have been on twice and she will have appeared on the program the same amount of times as Marlene Dietrich and David Cameron combined!  It is a fantastic achievement and clearly demonstrates the esteem Jo is held in.  Congratulations and I look forward to listening!