Where I Found You

A touching and emotional novel from the author of Richard and Judy pick YESTERDAY’S SUN.

One woman who can’t see her future.

Maggie Carter knows Victoria Park like the back of her hand. She can tell you what time of year the most fragrant flowers bloom; she knows which paths lead you to the bench by the lake. The park is her safe place – because outside it, expecting her first baby, Maggie has started to wonder whether she’s going to be able to cope.

One woman who can’t escape her past.

Elsa, too, is expecting her first child, and alone and without anyone to support her, she is terrified that her child will be taken away. But all is not as it seems: the secrets of sixty years ago are haunting Elsa and they won’t let her rest…

Bound together by the present.

Struggling under the expectations and intentions of others, Maggie and Elsa’s chance meeting on the park bench offers them each a lifeline and a friend. As they reveal their hopes and heartaches, can they see themselves – and each other – clearly enough to help, before it’s too late?

‘Touching sensitive story of a blind pregnant woman’s growing fear of her ability to cope with a baby, coupled with her desire to help a woman she meets in the park who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and suffering from the trauma of the loss of her baby. It’s an extraordinary, moving tale.’ The Bookseller