We Fought At Arnhem

The battle for the rail and road bridges over the Rhine at Arnhem lasted for nine days, and almost twelve thousand men took part. We Fought at Arnhem tells the remarkable stories of three of those men.

Ron Jordan, Pat Gorman and Tom Carpenter had all seen combat in other theatres of the war and each had volunteered for one of the toughest jobs in the military, that of airborne troops. But the battle for Arnhem would be the greatest challenge any of them were to face during the war. For all three, it would end in capture and incarceration in a prisoner of war camp.

Operation Market Garden started to go wrong in the first hours after the landings. Fighting was spread over a large area. Poor communication and tough resistance from German forces meant that even the most senior commanders were ignorant of what was happening to their men just a few miles away. Individually, Ron, Pat and Tom saw action in all the main parts of the battle – at the bridge itself, in the town of Arnhem and in the village of Oosterbeek. Their experiences give us an insight into the whole battle.

The battle for Arnhem has gone down in history as a glorious defeat, a combination of hubris and bad planning leading to disaster. But it also revealed the best of the fighting British soldier and stands as a testament to the courage, determination and valiant sacrifice of the men who fought for their country. The stories of Ron, Pat and Tom reveal the true drama of those days from the soldiers’ point of view in honest, searing and inspiring detail.