The World’s Stupidest Celebrities

Another fantastic title in “The World’s Stupidest series”. Featuring the famous (and the infamous) from several decades of celebrity life, this is a collection of the downright stupidest, strangest, most bizarre stories and quotes by and about all your favourite pop idols, screen stars, models and many more. This book is guaranteed to puncture the inflated egos of those in the media spotlight. As is right and proper, “The World’s Stupidest Celebrities” is a celebration of dire moments and preposterous statements from among the ranks of the famous and wannabe-famous. Sometimes strange, sometimes unfathomable, frequently weird and always hilarious, it is a fine tribute to those who’ll do anything for attention, and a reminder that many of the incidents and quotations in this book will long outlive their authors’ often all too brief moments of glory…Shortly after the release of 1995′s “The Usual Suspects”, the model and actress Sienna Miller spotted Kevin Spacey in a bar. Excited to find herself so close to one of the film’s stars, she approached him and sat down. ‘I just wanted to say,’ she declared, ‘I can’t believe I’m sitting in a bar drinking champagne next to Kevin Bacon.’ ‘Spacey,’ Kevin politely remarked. ‘Yeah,’ Miller emphatically replied, ‘it is, isn’t it!’