The Secret Diaries of Abigail Titmuss

Society is obsessed with celebrities through media. We are surrounded by the stars and their lives, but what about the human behind the headlines?

Abi Titmuss was a hard working NHS nurse on 16K a year, whilst pursuing her acting dream and paying her way through drama school, when she was thrust into the spotlight. And then, in the blink of an eye, she was the nation’s favourite pin-up. From nurse, to model, to business woman, follow this unique story of how the nation’s obsession with celebrity became Abi’s obsession too.

Whether waking up to find her bedroom secrets splashed across the News of the World, being pursued by an England footballer, or just coming to terms with the trials and tribulations of playing the fame game, the last few years of her life have been a roller-coaster ride.

In THE SECRET DIARIES OF ABIGAIL TITMUSS she tells it like it is. Her diaries are fabulously racy, scorchingly honest and always just a little bit tongue in-cheek.