The Ripper Secret

August 1888. Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Charles Warren has a precious artefact, a relic of incalculable value that dates back to the very earliest days of human history, in his possession. Previously sent to Jerusalem to survey and explore the ancient religious sites there, he found the solid gold object while excavating a hidden chamber under the Temple Mount, and smuggled it back to England. When a mysterious stranger pays Warren a visit, he’s terrified to discover that the man is on the trail of the ancient relic but, with Warren’s entire career and reputation at stake, he denies all knowledge of the object, little knowing just how far the stranger is prepared to go to destroy him and recover the artefact. But when the first murder takes place, and Martha Tabram is found stabbed to death in Whitechapel, Warren realizes the callous determination and disregard for human life of his ruthless enemy. And then the Ripper strikes again. And again. As the body count rises, and the Metropolitan Police scour the streets of Whitechapel in a vain attempt to apprehend the murderer, Warren knows that his reputation – and perhaps even his life – hangs in the balance.

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