Puppy Tales

Ever since she was a child, Joanne Hull has had an unusual affinity with animals and an incredible ability to communicate with them. Unsurprisingly, this connection is particularly strong with man’s best friend. Intelligent, loving and loyal, dogs have always had a unique bond with humans and a special place in many people’s hearts.

For years Joanne has been a dedicated-dog owner and has helped other owners across the country understand their pets. In this book she shares funny, heart-warming and sometimes heart-breaking stories, and offers practical advice on how people can improve communication with their own canine companions.

From uplifting tales of heroic dogs who saved the day to hilarious dog-related disasters/dilemmas to moving accounts of precious pets who are no longer with us, Puppy Tales is a celebration of all our four-pawed friends and a revelation in how to really understand your dog.

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