Jade Goody: My Autobiography

At 24, Jade has had a life that reads more like a soap opera and she now tells her extraordinary story. From being abandoned by her father, to caring for her mother, and bringing up 2 kids on her own, Jade reveals far more than the tabloids have ever known, and her autobiography will have you crying with tears of laughter, sympathy and disbelief.

From the moment Jade Goody opened her mouth on national TV in 2002, the unofficial winner of Big Brother had already claimed her crown. With such conversational gems as ‘Where is East Angular? I thought it was abroad’, ‘Rio de Janeiro, ain’t that a person?’ and ‘They were trying to use me as an escape goat’, it wasn’t long before Jade was the most talked about woman in the country.

Three years later and Jade still sells more tabloids and magazines than any reality TV star in history. Every aspect of her life has been a source of fascination – from being abandoned by her father and living with a lesbian mother, to her volatile relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jeff Brazier and even her recent boob job – the national obsession with Jade Goody shows no sign of stopping.

As a young kid growing up in Bermondsey and Peckham, Jade was either in foster care or acting as a ‘carer’ for her mum Jackiey, who lost the use of her left arm in a motorbike accident. Jade remembers waking up aged six, having to drag her mum out of their burning house when Jackiey’s bed caught fire on the candles she had lit hours before.

Such dramas have continued to this very day. In this book Jade talks in full for the first time about her life, from what really went on under the sheets with PJ in the BB house and the mental scars she suffered when the tabloids labelled her ‘Pig Brother’, to meeting Jeff, falling pregnant (twice) and finding a whole heap of celebrity friends.

Heart-rending, hilarious and shockingly revealing, this book will give a fascinating insight into Jade’s extraordinary life.