Ice Dream

Ashley is like any other sixteen year old girl; pretty, insecure, and excited when school finally breaks for the summer. But Ashley’s not going to Spain with the rest of her friends…she’s going to the ice rink.

As her hopes of finding a partner to skate with look increasingly bleak, she starts to feel the creeping sensation of regret. Had she had a moment of true idiocy snubbing Spain for the cold, empty rink?

When one of the best ice dancers in France comes looking for her, she is flooded with relief. Ashley immediately agrees to skate with him, only to learn later that he’s come with a condition…

Ashley finds herself unwittingly competing for the first time, cameras following her every move. Before she knows it she is a frontrunner…and falling in love with the competition.

If Ashley thought her summer would be boring she had another thing coming. Competition, fame, death defying stunts, love and heartbreak give her an experience she could only have dreamed of…k

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