Honey & Co

It’s the kind of stuff you’d love to dish up to your pals and bask in the resulting praise… It’s food you would always be happy to eat. (Marina O’Loughlin Guardian 2012-10-05)

The ingredient that is in every mouthful, that isn’t on the menu, is the huge dollop of home-made love… This food comes from a husband and wife making their own small business from a tiny kitchen and small dining room, and everything in it is infused with a warm hug of hospitality. (A.A Gill The Sunday Times 2013-03-03)

This is indeed food made by people who like to eat. It is food that cares less about how it looks than how it tastes … It feels like an act of love. (Jay Rayner Guardian 2013-07-14)

I’m off to Honey & Co on Warren Street for what I’m going to describe dreamily as Middle Eastern soul food, largely as I can’t think of a better way to explain the restorative value of letting husband-and-wife team Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer beckon you in and feed you … it feels exactly like wandering into a little family-run room, after a snoozy day sunbathing on holiday, and quickly cottoning on that you’ve found a winner. (Grace Dent Evening Standard 2013-05-17)

Here, the food is as much about creating an atmosphere as it is about any individual dish, a new way of looking at Middle Eastern cuisine, subtler, more modern. (Zoe Williams STELLA, Telegraph 2013-06-18)

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