Hollyoaks – Girl Talk

Hollyoaks is one of the most successful soap operas on UK television. Every night over a million viewers tune in to watch their favourite characters in hard-hitting, sexy storylines, and for fifteen years young women have used the show as wardrobe inspiration, poring over the outfits of the female cast who act as a catwalk for accessible street style.


So what’s it like to be one of the stars? Is the cast one big happy family? How does it feel to be featured in mega-selling magazines like Heat and Grazia? Does being famous change your life? How does it feel when the press constantly comment on your face, your hair, your clothes?


Here in Girl Talk the Hollyoaks girls allow us unparalleled access into their lives as they gossip with each other about everything from boys, their bodies, style secrets and slip-ups to insecurities, jealousies, careers, regrets and life on the set. Join them as they banter, bicker and laugh with one another, allowing us to eavesdrop on one of the most famous green rooms in the country.