Extreme Adventures

Andy Torbet has been to some of the world’s most dangerous places, in his previous career as a soldier and now as an explorer and tv presenter. But you don’t need to go to far flung corners of the globe to find real adventure and to push yourself to the very edge. Here in Britain, between towering cliffs and stormy seas, lie some of the most exciting challenges a human being can face. And in this book, Andy Torbet takes on the most extreme adventures nature can provide.

Whether he’s kayaking through huge North Atlantic swells to the remote Scottish island of St Kilda, scuba diving to the bottom of a pitch-dark flooded coalmine in Wales, or axe climbing up the crumbling chalk face of the White Cliffs of Dover, no challenge is too difficult.

This is a book of high-octane adventures for adrenalin junkies everywhere!

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