Diana Style

Diana was the world’s most photographed woman in the 1980s and 90s. Her every outfit was scrutinized, criticised, admired and endlessly copied, her every fashion choice enormously influential. But it was only towards the end of her life that she found her own, true style and the panache and confidence to flaunt it. How did the shy, Sloane nanny in a chiffon skirt become a rock chick fashion icon who kicked into touch the concept of frosty aristocratic hauteur, while remaining demure and striking in Versace, Walker, Edelstein, Choo and Blahnik? What were her influences? Who were the designers that dressed her? What were the outfits that made her? And how was her dress a reflection of her times?Here, Colin McDowell has written a definitive, well-researched and intelligent book on Diana and her influence on society, attitudes and fashion. This title is lavishly illustrated throughout with over a hundred rare and striking images, including original sketches from Valentino, Bruce Oldfield and Roland Klein.