Dark Spies

On the run from the CIA, intelligence operative Will Cochrane heads to the U.S. to uncover a diabolical spymaster at the centre of an international conspiracy in this thrilling follow up to Slingshot.

When Will Cochrane encounters a Russian spymaster – codenamed Antaeus – who everyone believes is dead, he is thrust into a deadly game set in motion by powerful players deep inside the U.S. intelligence community. Will has worked with the CIA for years and knows them all. But now he knows there’s no one he can trust.

His orders from Langley are clear: Antaeus must not be touched. Further inquiries require project Ferryman clearance. But as Antaeus and his men then attempt to execute the CIA’s best agents, Will decides to take his own shot at the spymaster, knowing it will make him a marked man.

Now, the only way to save his career – and his life – is to get into the U.S. and expose the truth about Project Ferryman. But to accomplish that he’s got to outmanoeuvre four deadly Russian assassins and an elite FBI team controlled by shadowy officials who will stop at nothing to keep their sins and secrets safe.

Praise for Dark Spies:

‘Dunn’s exciting fourth Spycatcher novel finds Will Cochrane, the extraordinary agent who serves both the CIA and MI6, in the Norwegian Arctic… Cochrane’s few allies are almost helpless as he treks back from Norway to Washington, D.C., against incredible odds and obstacles… Great action sequences and a clever if complicated plot make this a satisfying read.’ - Publishers Weekly

‘Just when you think you have this maze of double-dealing figured out—surprise, it isn’t what you think. All the elements of a classic espionage story are here. The novel moves with relentless momentum, scattering bodies in its wake.’ - Kirkus