Sue Palmer

Over a long career in education, Sue has written over 250 books, TV programmes and software packages for children and teachers on aspects of literacy, and acted as an independent consultant to the Department for Education and other government bodies, National Literacy Trust, Basic Skills Agency and the BBC. She is well-known to UK teachers for articles and columns in the TES and Child Education and her popular inservice courses. Since the publication of Toxic Childhood, she has been invited to employ her presentation skills more widely, working with professionals in social work, health and criminal justice, and – most importantly – parents.

She is a patron of the English Speaking Board, the Scottish Pre-School Play Association, Carefree Kids and the Children’s Football Alliance. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Fellow of the English Association, on the Board of Play Scotland, Chair of the Scottish Play Policy Forum and President of Montessori AMI UK.  Since late 2011, she has been a member of the Scottish government’s Early Years Task Force, for which she co-chairs a sub-group on ‘culture change’ with the Children’s Commissioner.

Sue has twice been named by the London Evening Standard as among the 40 most influential people in education in the English capital (which gives her huge pleasure, since she lives in Edinburgh) and was recently described in The Scotsman as one of the country’s ‘new radical thinkers’.

Books by Sue Palmer