Sophie Tanner

Sophie Tanner grew up in the beautiful countryside of Dorset and then moved to London to study English and Theatre. As a graduate, she worked in marketing for a few years before donning a backpack and exploring the world a little bit – mainly Africa and Central America. When she returned from her travels, she was drawn to Brighton, thanks to its relaxed, open-minded spirit and colourful beach.

She then trained and worked as a journalist and developed a career in responsible tourism. She currently works as a communications consultant at successful digital agency, Propellernet, and lives with her bumptious Labrador in a sunny little flat near the sea. Together they explore the coastline and Sussex Downs, both revelling in the opportunity to be outdoors, surrounded by nature.

Sophie is eternally curious about human behavior and has a strong interest in literature, music and theatre. Laughter is important to Sophie, she regularly does improvised comedy courses with The Maydays.

An avid reader, Sophie absolutely loves to curl up with a book. Happily, her first novel, is a cheeky, light-heartedly subversive tale about a girl who decides to marry herself. As a perfect example of life imitating art, Sophie married herself in a performance at Brighton Fringe festival during May 2015. The ceremony was well-received and aimed to encourage a cultural mind shift; empowering other people to accept and celebrate themselves.

Books by Sophie Tanner