Rebecca Chance

Rebecca Chance is the name under which Lauren Henderson now writes Sunday Times best-selling glamorous thrillers. Born in London, she read English literature at Cambridge then worked as a journalist for newspapers and music magazines before moving to Tuscany to write books, work as a waitress, learn Italian and party through the rest of her twenties. Finally, after eight years, lured by “Sex and the City”, she moved to Manhattan, and eventually returned to London.

As Lauren Henderson, she has written seven novels in the Sam Jones mystery series, and she has both contributed to and been featured in British Crime Writing: An Encyclopaedia. She has also written three romantic comedies, My Lurid Past, Don’t Even Think About It and Exes Anonymous, as well as a non-fiction book, Jane Austen’s Guide to Dating, which has been optioned as a feature film by Millenium. Lauren is also the author of the four book Scarlett Wakefield YA mystery series, published by Delacorte in the United States, of which the first one, Kiss Me Kill Me, was nominated for an Anthony Award for Best YA Novel, and the two book Violet Routledge YA mystery series, Flirting in Italian and Kissing in Italian. Her books have been translated into over 20 languages.

Lauren has been described in the press as both the Dorothy Parker and the Betty Boop of the British crime novel. She also writes for many UK-based publications, including Grazia and Cosmopolitan, and several national newspapers – the Guardian, the Times, the Mail on Sunday and the Telegraph Stella magazine. Lauren has also written many short stories, and she co-edited the anthology Tart Noir with Stella Duffy, a collection of twenty short crime stories by leading female crime writers.

She is very active on social media as Rebecca Chance: @msrebeccachance on Twitter and Rebecca Chance Author on Facebook, as well as Instagram and Pinterest.

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