Julie Brunelle & Peter Wood

Julie Brunelle is a photographer, fiber artist and art educator. She has taught art and craft for more than 10 years to schools in remote Canadian villages, French Montessori institutes in Quebec and A-level International Baccalaureate pupils. Julie inspires, challenges and encourages her students to push themselves and explore their full potential. Julie Brunelle is a graduate of the University of Ottawa with a double major in Arts and English with professional teacher qualifications in both subject areas.

Peter Wood is an elementary school teacher with a specialty in community arts education. Peter has taught in Canada and in international IB schools abroad. He is also a painter and artist with more than 20 years’ experience and has exhibited his art across Canada. Peter studied Visual arts at NSCAD University, Halifax and has professional teacher qualifications and a BAH in Philosophy from Queen’s University, Kingston.

Julie and Peter have combined their knowledge of teaching, communication and affection for all things creative including printmaking, photography and draftsmanship to create The Artist in Me. This Art Education resource is for self-learners, teachers and students of all ages. It is a book like no other, offering fun, easily accessible projects that cover a high level of art education. Students who complete these projects will command outstanding abilities and knowledge of the fine arts. Learners will gain important first hand skills and insights into the language of art necessary to work and communicate in this challenging field.


Books by Julie Brunelle & Peter Wood