Helen Arney & Steve Mould

Helen Arney

Helen Arney is a comedian, presenter, geek songstress and physics graduate. In 2012, after touring her science-infused comedy songs with Robin Ince, Prof. Brian Cox and Tim Minchin in Uncaged Monkeys, Helen performed her third award-winning solo show Voice of an Angle at the Edinburgh Fringe and London’s Soho Theatre.

Helen has appeared on BBC Two’s Coast as well as having performed in the second series of Stewart Lee’s Alternative Comedy Experience on Comedy Central.

She has recently been seen as a comedian, expert, presenter and panellist on BBC Two’s Newsnight, Channel 4, BBC Radio 3, 4, 5, World Service, BBC Radio 5Live Bacon’s Theory and as a lead presenter in Outrageous Acts Of Science on Discovery Channel and YouTube channels Numberphile and Headsqueeze.

Helen also hosts live events and science shows in the UK and abroad.

Steve Mould

Steve Mould is a Science Presenter with a reputation for providing expert knowledge and packaging complicated scientific ideas in an accessible way.

Steve runs a YouTube channel with over 43,000 subscribers and millions of views across his content. Each week he takes a science phenomenon and explains it using incredible experiments.

Steve was one of the co-presenters on ITV1’s series, I Never Knew That About Britain where he explored Britain’s rich and eccentric scientific history. He has also made regular appearances on BBC One’s The One Show as well as having been the Science presenter and expert on BBC One’s Britain’s Brightest and Blue Peter on CBBC. He can also be heard across BBC Radio 5 live, Radio 1 and Absolute Radio.

With a Physics MA from Oxford University, Steve frequently works with schools, giving talks and demonstrations on Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Psychology.

Together Helen and Steve make up two-thirds of the science comedy phenomenon Festival of the Spoken Nerd

Photo credit to Idil Sukan.

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