Colin Shindler

Colin Shindler is an author, lecturer and broadcaster who has maintained an active interest in twentieth century American and British social and cultural history whilst pursuing a wide-ranging career as a writer and producer in television, radio and motion pictures. In addition, he has been.  In addition, he has been teaching undergraduates at Cambridge about films and American history since 1998. He is best known as the screenwriter of the movie Buster starring Phil Collins and Julie Walters, the producer of the TV series Lovejoy starring Ian McShane and the author of the childhood memoir Manchester United Ruined My Life, published by Headline who have recently published the sequel Manchester City Ruined My Life. In 2013 Little Brown published his bestselling social and cultural history of post-war conscription entitled National Service. He is currently working on a book about cricket involving the historical relationship between England and India.

Books by Colin Shindler