Amber Rose

It all started with a wild delicious, free-range childhood…

Amber Rose spent her days as a young girl in New Zealand eating and cooking from her mother’s garden, picking wild flowers, foraging for wild fruits, mushrooms, berries and other delightful and delicious seasonal things. She was happy to forsake a clean dress if it meant she could reach that ripest, juiciest and most delicious blackberry at the top of the prickliest and highest cane. She has always loved food but she has also always loved the rituals of gathering, collecting and preparing the food.

Born to parents who were both passionate about food and nutrition, her father a chef and her mother a knowledgeable home cook and a pioneer of organic horticulture. Her mother’s heritage seed collection is known the world over and she has pioneered sustainable agriculture, permaculture, beekeeping, soil health and growing nutrient dense food for over 40 years.

Through this and Amber’s own studies and personal experiences she has developed a deep understanding of the connection between what we eat and glowing health, the science behind healing our bodies, and how to apply this wisdom in everyday life.

As a child Amber’s family pantry was her mother’s garden, an open-air larder if you like, and as a result of this, her cooking style is very intuitive, seasonal and simple, with lots of fresh flowers and herbs thrown in for good measure.


Books by Amber Rose